Thursday, September 23, 2010

slim seed weight loss scam?

I started taking the slim seed diet to reach my goal weight of 90kg as I weighed in at 120kg so I was pretty eager to try this seed but i couldn’t believe the side affects I got from this "product" I felt awful nausea, severe headaches and muscle aches started all over my body !! I had diarrhoea and found it was affecting my sleeping. I was very disappointed, I’ve been trying for years to lose this weight and this really just got my hopes up for a great fall. I was on the slim seed for about 2 weeks but couldn’t handle the side effects anymore it was a horrible experience. When I called the customer service line the day after I started taking the slim seed they just had some guy telling me to keep taking it and the side effects would wear off eventually? Eventually never came 2 weeks down the track and now I’m not going to put up with it. I do not suggest this product for anyone the claims are hopeful but the outcome is awful, I couldn’t let this happen to innocent people and let these scammers run away with your money as they did with mine.